Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Call for urgent action!

Our civilization is coming crashing down. The most recent US President Cancer Panel Report says that 41% of the American population will be diagnosed of cancer in their lifetime. And 21% will die from it. A great garbage patch of plastic 700,000 is floating in the deep Pacific ocean (slowly expanding to cover our oceans completely) silently killing trillions of tiny fish. Coastal neighbourhoods are disappearing under the seas. Trees which can tell us the stories of our ancestors are being razed to the ground by the millions. Seeds of life are being burnt in huge piles.

Humankind’s timeline is limited unlike any other time in its history. Carcinogens and neurotoxins are accumulating in our tissues at a pace we cannot even imagine. We are all waiting in line to pop off out of some disease or the other. We are running out of time, whether we like it or not.

We’ve wasted much precious time in fragmentation. Our fragmented minds have fragmented the problems, created fragmented organizations that come up with fragmented solutions for fragmented action, fragmenting the world more and even more. We have the healthy and the unhealthy, the loving and the hating, the democratic and the undemocratic, the eco-friendly and the uneco-friendly, the feminist and the chauvinist, the educated and the uneducated, the communist and the capitalist, the right and the left. We’ve wasted much time.

We need to radically reinvent ourselves in order to survive in his human form and evolve our consciousness before we die out as a race. In order to do that, we need to reorganize ourselves in radical ways. Fearless people need to lead these ways.

In this radical re-organization,
Computer and cell phone screens will be more 'off' and people will spend more time face to face creating real communities.
Men will sit together to sing and cry to heal from the assault of their ‘man masks’.
Women will reclaim their power through their bleeding every month.
Children will be teachers, running around naked, exploring the world and expressing in uninhibited ways.
Hands and feet will sweat out of labour and joy.
Bodies will be treated like temples.
Every article will be created with a song of its own, and every service will be a joyous offering, and they will all be gifts and not transactable commodities.
Men and women won’t find much meaning in or reason to dictate nature.
Art will be created and not consumed.
No one will find anyone to ‘clean their toilets’ for them out of no choice.
Offensive men and women will be welcomed with love, and listened to their pains and fears.
All the material waste will be delicious food for mother nature.
Old people will be served with great kindness and gratitude.
A deep silence will hold all the music and celebration together, along with mindless noise, if there be.

And we need to do this urgently!


Naveen said...

Thanks Sangi, so true! depressing reality, beautiful words of wisdom

Dev and Hema said...

I feel quite the same. "Urgent action" has to start from individuals; we can't afford to wait for a top-down "reform".
This would essentially mean stepping out of our comfort zones that we have created for ourselves and start exploring a life that will be in harmony with nature.