Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 - Creativity!

2010, for me, stood for resilience. For a long time, I wallowed in a state of non-acceptance of my life situation and misery because of that. I was pushed to a state where I was choicelessly driven to call upon divine presence to help me ground myself into the moment and surrender to it. On this new year’s eve, I feel grateful for the healing, the wisdom and the love that surrounded me.

2011 is a year to pay forward and do something with the healing and love that I received. At some level, going inward and learning patience has also made me more withdrawn, less spontaneous and less creative. It is a year to unleash my creativity and access the creator in me; a year to rediscover my wild self. This time, with a pinch of wisdom thrown in.

I commit to healing from my disconnect with my beautiful body, the temple of my soul, and honoring its connection with the moon, the universe.
I commit to being more present in my body, to taking better care of it.
I commit to being more aware of my breath, to being better grounded.
I commit to living my life more purposefully, whether in silence, thought, speech or action.
I commit to actively seeking out and connecting to all those who want to walk along as well.
I commit to having faith in myself, no matter how many times I’ve failed in the past, so I can be positive and available for the sacred work; the work of the artist, the creator.

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