Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Right here, right now!

We’re hurt everywhere. In our spaces with friends and family. In the organizations we are part of. With our neighbours.

We all claim to know it is an illusion. That the ‘hurt’ does not have an existence of its own. Yet, we wallow in the illusion, hurting ourselves over and over again.

We all claim to know ‘the truth’ about ourselves. That we are not the body or the mind, and that we are pure consciousness that is as large as this universe. Yet, we refuse to step out of the falsehood, and are comfortably addicted to it. We point fingers feeling ‘judged and pushed around’. We shrink feeling ‘guilty’.

We talk about ‘bhakti’ and ‘surrender’ with so much passion and insight. Yet, we refuse to let go of our insecurities about our futures.

All our minds are connected, and our every thought affects every other thought in this universe. Our hurt is hurting the trees, the fish, the birds, the planktons, the soil, and the skies too!

Why don’t we drop this madness? Right here? Right now? Drop it, not because we want to ‘chill out and party carefee’. Quite the opposite. Drop it, because only then can we really see that we have way more responsibility for all of life than we can ever imagine! Drop it, because that is when we can do what needs to be done. Drop it, out of love.

Let’s heal, right here and now. Let us resolve to take a deep breath every time we feel hurt. In the depths of that breath, let’s vow to see the madness and futility of the hurting, to see the truth of the love of the universe embracing us in its arms, to see ourselves stepping out into the next moment, purer, brighter and healed. So we can have the honour of healing whatever allows itself to be touched by us – the leaf, the water, the air, the wounded child.

There is way too much to be done. There is no time to waste. Taking from an old proverb “The best time to heal was many years ago. The next best time is now.”

Can we all jump into life with a sense of urgency?


Naveen said...

Yes! :) Thanks for sharing this Sangs :)

Rangaprasad said...

Good thoughts... but i remember kanadasan words saying in tamil "kondral pavam thindral pochu" ...