About me

After having spent more than three decades in Chennai, I now live with family in Tiruvannamalai, a land that constantly reminds me to stay with the question 'Who am I? Who is sad or angry? Who is happy?' 

The first twenty years of my life were spent in complete oblivion of the world outside, within the small circle of friends and family, conditioned by schooling; though always feeling strangely uncomfortable about my place and role in this world! And then a rude awakening to the world crisis happened: ecological, economic, political and socialThe next fifteen years were spent in reaction to what I understood was the problem out there. About five years ago, I realised that it was all a mere manifestation of a deeply spiritual crisis and began my exploration into what it means to be a 'Sacred Activist', finding that perfect alignment between spirituality and activism. Read about it here.
Three years ago, I stumbled upon Yoga as a framework that synthesised many things I had been looking for. On having found this, and also the treasure I unearthed through my research into ancient wisdom of Indian agriculture, I got deeply interested in healing my distorted understanding of 'What is India?' and seeing what more wisdom it had to offer to help heal life and midwife the birthing of The New Consciousness, The New World. 

I write real-life stories that inspire and help birth the New World. I deeply believe that our stories don't belong to us; that they merely unfold through us; that we owe lessons drawn from our stories back to the Collective. 

I create wild gardens. The work I largely do is to build soil, introduce some seeds and plants intuitively deciding where they might like to grow, allowing for plenty of space for Nature to work its way. I so love gardening and my life feels dry and incomplete without it.

I design and make new upcycled products. I love using discarded materials to create simple and beautiful things of purpose!

I connect and cross-pollinate. Through initiatives like Vikalp Sangam, an attempt to create a platform for dialogue among groups and individuals envisioning a New World, and experimenting with strategies to create it, and Back-to-the-Land, an attempt to bring together people who are on their journeys as individuals and as families to heal their disconnect with life: nature, labour, community.

I facilitate dialogue and learning. Through the 'Third Space' and 'Achalam farm' which I co-steward with friends, I seek to enable deepening our understanding of the world crisis through film screenings and talks, and to enable healing of the human spirit through workshops that facilitate understanding of the self; inner work. I deeply believe that the more alive we become, the more healing our world can experience; the more our spirits heal, the more meaningful our response to the crisis becomes. I am also interested in understanding how learning happens, and co-creating spaces and opportunities for children to experience it.  

Currently, I am on an exploration to simplify my life, to slow down, infusing it with more beauty and spirit; to bridge the falsely perceived gap between Doing and Being. 

Email: sriram.sangeetha@gmail.com
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/sangeetha.sriram

A page about my activist journey so far on the GCSSFS (Global Centre for the Study of Sustainable Futures and Spirituality) website