Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Living life as 'status messages'

My life is lived in terms of facebook 'status messages' a lot these days. "Hey, this will be a good status message". So I say / think as I live my days.

I delved deeper to do an analysis of this phenomenon for myself. 'So what does it mean to live a life like that?' I asked myself.

I realised that my posts were of two kinds, and the answer is different for both.

Egoic-posts: There is self-doubt. Was that cool enough for a lot of people to like and comment on? Did I sound intelligent, smart, witty? Was my grammar correct? Anxiety. Expectations. Disappointment. Self-importance. I get consumed by all these, and facebook takes over as my master!

Non-egoic posts: There is clarity. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction from sharing honest questions and insights with the intent of contributing to the collective life experience; life's 'collective experiments with the truth'. I feel tremendous power in making myself really vulnerable for a larger purpose that is beyond my skin, bones and my ego.

Of course, the former happens more often than the latter. But being alive to every fb-post opportunity is my sadhana. And the fruit is worth even every failed attempt! :)


Czar said...
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Czar said...

I am trying to be witty and smart while typing out this response to your fairly honest post.

Whenever I get sucked into the virtual world, I take cues from inspirational people like you who have spent a substantial amount of time OUT there changing the world, a bit by bit.

So, my sincere advice - stay OUT there. :)


PS: Your honesty in writing the post is yet another cue for me. :)