Monday, July 12, 2010

it's another wasted day!

it's a silent moment.
i begin to look inwards.
fingers move restlessly, reaching for the cell phone.
"how could i put off calling my friend any longer? i promised her a long time ago!"

it's a silent moment.
i begin to look inwards.
feet move and walk me upto the kitchen.
"i need a sweet, some comfort food! i've had a long hard day."

and on and on until
the body gives way pleading for rest.

it's a silent moment.
i begin to look inwards.
eyelids twitch.
i worry about my friend's divorce!
i am ashamed at how i behaved at the meeting today!
i wonder how i can be more loving with my maid!
i am excited about the yummy thai dinner tonight!
i am impatient that my friend does not really understand me!
i am guilty about forgetting mom's birthday yesterday!
i am stressed out about an unfinished article that i believe can help save the world!
i plan for visiting the beach in the evening for some quiet time.

the day ends drenched in wave after wave of emotion filled action.

another wasted day passes by
making the count 12,362.

God must be a really patient one,
for God has been waiting,
never giving up on me,
tirelessly gifting me with a fresh moment,
moment after moment for eons,
having faith in me
believing 'may be this one will be taken seriously?!'
never exhausting his supply of fresh moments for me!

waiting for me to leave the madness and end my suffering
waiting for me to die and leave,
so God can take my place
so God can
see through these eyes,
listen through these ears,
touch through this skin,
speak through these lips,
work through these hands.

it's another wasted day!


Radhika said...

Hi Sangee This is a beautiful piece, Loved it.

Vohra said...

It is simply amazing as to how you have managed to carve out the picture of a plethora of emotions going through the head in an astonishingly simple and subtle manner.

It also amazes me that how if most people would introspect, they would perhaps be asking the same questions to themselves. Maybe then, we are not all that different inspite of being very different from each other.

Which also leads me to wonder about the thin thread using which the nature has tied all of us together. That we are always facing away from this fact and attempting to find out differences is a thought for another introspection. Maybe some other time, some other day!

naveen said...

This realization makes it a wasted day nomore! :)