Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here I come!

Every night, my aching, longing heart

goes out in search of the green.

My mind conjures up all kinds of dreams;

in strange settings I would’ve never seen.

Wandering in my secret night gardens

Longing to be one with the soil and the grass blades.

Leaves brown, yellow and green

In all their beautiful, stunning shades.

Marveling at the brinjal creeper, the tomato vine,

The potato shrub and the cabbage trees.

Taking a closer look at the spiders and the worms,

Going down on my knees.

Wondering and wandering in my gardens

with butterflies, spiders and the buzzing bees!

Letting my feet be washed by the waves

As I walk through mangroves by the seas.

The urban backyard, the village, the forest,

Hill tops, valleys and plains.

Lit by the sun or the moon,

And sometimes drenched by the rains.

Hey, my green, brown and blue family

Hang in there, hang in there!

Here I come, leaving my sandals behind

I come with my feet all bare.


Naveen said...

wow!!! beautiful :)

Preeti Patil said...

Hey Sangeeta, you touch the heart! Beautifully written!

Rangarajan A said...


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