Monday, April 14, 2008

Receiving Grace

Walking into an RTO in Chennai and asking for a replacement for my driving license, without even the license number (forget a photocopy) won't be much fun. Or so I thought! But I badly needed one, and so decided to take a chance.

I entered the office panicking about where to go, whom and what to ask! In my mind, RTOs were places of enormous corruption, abuses and ugly power dynamics. People would be making eye contacts with one another, negotiating how much someone's palm was to be greased to get something done and so on. It suddenly felt so intimidating, and I thought anybody helping me (someone who had resolved not to pay a pie for a bribe) was the last thing that was possible in there. I turned around and decided to return.

My energy suddenly changed. I stood up straight and decided to fight it out, tooth and nail. RTI, press, what not! I resolved to get what I wanted. Something didn't feel right about that 'anti-' energy. It didn't feel like me. I then stepped by the side, closed my eyes for a moment and connected to myself. Something shifted once again.

This time it felt beautiful. I said I was going to enter the place trusting and with a lot of faith that the universe was going to help me. If the help didn't come in the way I could recognise it, that was fine too. I suddenly became so ready to receive the universe's grace. I walked in with so much confidence, curiosity, love and humility. The next couple of days were nothing short of miraculous! I was helped by at least four people there at all levels, looking through the records of 1999, pulling out my details, making my license ready, answering my so many questions without getting even slightly annoyed, treating me with much respect and not expecting anything in return.

Did you say coincidence? Yes, yes. I know. It crossed my mind too. This is one of those things you can never prove or disprove. So, I don't bother. In any case, my faith in the universe to shower miracles to those who prepare themselves to receive them became stronger. If you call this 'being naive', I will simply smile back at you. :)


Shanks of India said...

I am glad to see your experience; lots of people in India automatically think that bribery is the only way things will work when it is not actually so. The RTO office has once again proved that you can get your stuff done properly. It happened to my brother who went to change his address and it also happened to me to have mine renewed; no baksish!!

Shanks of India said...
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Mayil said...

Really nice to see that things got done easily. It is the attitude indeed which is very important than anything else. Our country has a lot of corruption but certainly not to the extent everybody presumes.