Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dance Wildly!

I used to dance quite a bit during my time in the States. The wild kind of dance, where there is just the music, the rhythm, the aromas, me and the universe. And sometimes, a dance partner who can seamlessly merge with my being that moment.

With or without external means of intoxication, it has been one of the most blissful experiences.

It took a flight back to the States to dance again with my dour-year-old nephew Sanat to rediscover that joy after years! It felt like getting in touch with a part of me that had been longing to express itself for a long time.

Instead of the stupid seed acts, sez acts and water privatisation acts, I think we should work towards a ‘must-dance-everyday-wildly’ act in India! What do you think?


jai said...

wild dancing is good. i think there is a connection between the long mail about god and dancing. i never got wild enough to dance though..

hi, this is jai. i work on seed act and GE crops too.

Madura said...

Amen to that! :)

Discovered you today.
Enjoyed reading here and there. Was browsing through randomly.

Will come back for more.