Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You're invited!

So, you want to know what I mean by committing to walking the spiritual path?
I mean,
I commit to seeing the light that I am,
and the light that you are.
I commit to letting my light communicate and commune with yours.
I commit to being a warrior,
who'd use powerful weapons such as prayers
to dissolve into nothingness, the boulders of ego blocking our lights.
I commit to showing you how simple it actually is
and to appealing to you to do the same.
It is simple but not at all easy.
And that is why I need friends who'll walk with me;
who'll allow me to walk with them.
So I can have my weight supported when my knees are weak and wobbly,
be lifted up when I slip and fall,
have my bruises nursed when I get hurt.
And I can have the honour of doing all of this for them too!
If you feel inspired to be one of them, then please call me.
Let's meet up over some hot healing tulsi tea.


Naveen said...

cool! whats ur no? :p

maya seshagiri said...

yup! tulsi tea! on!!:P

Rajeev said...

cold coffee?

Srinivas S said...

What if we don't drink tea or coffee?

how to name it said...

Hey! Come over! I will make the tea!

Sangeetha Sriram said...

coffee, tea or just plain water,
cold or hot,
your place or mine,
it does not matter.
let's just get together. :)

Czar said...

Am game!

Next time while I am in Chennai.