Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm waiting

One moment,
I close my eyes in meditation.
I see myself as the one who schemes multiple bomb blasts.
Cold blood and stone heart are mine.
In that same moment,
I see myself as the victim
Who’s lost family.
World devastated, hurt and lonely.
I expand and become all of them, at once.
Just like Thay taught me to do.
To unite with God.

The next moment,
I open my eyes and walk into the world
Flesh and bones in skin.
Judgment and self-righteousness gush forth
From, I don’t quite know where inside.
Baffling and silencing me
Separating me from God.

I close my eyes instantly asking for guidance
To discern without judging and
To follow my own truth without feeling self-righteous.
My patient waiting for the guidance is my prayer.

1 comment:

singhtrsingh said...

A QuiteRevolution will happen, I`m confident because prayer`s done by persons like you will make achange and GOD will answer by making changes.GOD BLESS U,GOD DIRECTS U, so GOD IS ALWAYS WITH U.