Saturday, September 8, 2007

I have arrived!

After a long search for something that I can truly call my passion, here, I have arrived.

Learning from the soil.

How life is constantly, persistently finding ways of expressing itself in all its glory and abundance.

No matter how much abuse.

Just stop waging war on the soil, feed it with some water, what we humans call organic “waste” and love.

The soil yearns to heal itself and nurture life.

Earthworms and microbes yearn to re-enter their homes safely.

Roots and shoots yearn to surge forth from dormant seeds.

I am learning to shed my notions of “growing” plants, “producing” food, “composting” waste.

I am learning to allow life to do what it wants to do.

And sit back, observe and flow with it.

After a year of healing with the soil,

I have begun to slow down, grow more centered and rooted in myself and become truly happier.

The soil has been giving me lessons in

responding to the world’s problems,

in relating to people,

in raising children.

For after all, aren’t both children and plants, “the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself”?

I am learning to observe life and have faith in it,

to learn about how insects, soil and the plants relate to and affect each other,

to marvel at the innate intelligence guiding life,

to be trusting;

in short, all that my school and the schooled society around me have trained me not to do.

I want to share some of those special moments of wonderment and learning with the world through this blog. Along with my other thoughts, questions and realizations too!

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Ananthoo said...

good to know u have arrived!
come, fill us with ur sure u will have lotsa experience to share..
wish u write often and take us along ur learnings too..
(any early bird prize?)