Saturday, June 18, 2016


The recipe for our homemade toothpowder is here to share with everyone. Three generations - my mom, me and Isha - use it regularly. We actually find it helping tooth conditions.

A few years ago, Preethi of Krya shared a recipe that we used to prepare and use on and off. This is Krya's recipe modified. I have removed turmeric, and added Licorice (Athimathuram) powder for sweet, guava leaf powder (supposed to be great for teeth and gums), and citrus peel powder (for whitening).

Guava Leaf Powder – astringent (antibacterial
Sea salt powder – salty (antisceptic, antibacterial)
Neem leaf powder – bitter (antibacterial)
Licorice / Athimathuram powder – sweet
Clove powder – astringent, spicy (antibacterial, wound-healing properties, refreshing)
Cinnamon Powder – astringent, sweet (refreshing, antibacterial)
Fennel / Saunf powder – astringent, sweet (antibacterial, refreshing)
Soapnut Powder – astringent (slight lathering, cleansing, antibacterial)
Citrus Peel Powder - sour (whitening, refreshing)
Star Anise Powder - astringent, spicy (refreshing, antibacterial)
Cardamom - astringent  (refreshing, antibacterial)

Can also add
Amla Powder
Mint (Pudina) Powder
Banyan Tree's aerial roots
Babul (Karuvelam) bark

A few pointers I work with:

* Leaves are best rinsed and shade dried.

* It's ok to not have all the ingredients listed here. Use what you have. Don't let anything come in he way of your getting started.

* Connect with plants around you: Search for the properties of herbs in your farm / neighbourhood – ask your grandma, elders, Siddha doctors, google, etc. And your own intuition.

* Proportions: I use about 3 tsp each of guava leaf powder, sea salt and licorice, and one spoon each of all other powders, and add a little bit more licorice powder to make it taste a tad sweet, the way I like it. Go ahead and experiment with your own proportions. Best to keep soapnut and citrus powder not more than 5% (each) of the recipe.

* Each of these ingredients has a different particle size and some are particularly difficult to grind, like cinnamon sticks. So mix all the powders together and sieve them using a fine sieve so that the final product has the same particle size throughout. If you are grinding the materials yourself, pound them separately in a mortar and pestle before grinding them separately in a coffee grinder or mixie. Remember not to heat/ over grind them too much, especially when using a mixie, and allow the powders to cool before re-grinding.

Experiment. Enjoy. Share.


Priya said...

Thanks so much Sangee <3

Gayathri said...

Thanks Sangeetha for the recipe, it works well. trying it the second time and each time am trying different flavors. I added a bit of neem sticks too ...