Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello! New World

Rajeev, Isha and I (with other friends) spent five intense and beautiful days at the Learning Societies Unconference at a farm near Bombay. It was a confluence of 350 people from across India and outside, who believe in and already are co-creating another world filled with beauty, love, justice and all things life-affirming.

It was an un-conference because participants could offer sessions to share their experiences, knowledge and skills on various topics. Here is a sample. * Who am I? * Belly Dancing * Jewellery Making * Conflict resolution through restorative circles * Non-violent communication (NVC) * Unschooling / Homeschooling *  Self Healing * Conscious cooking * Clay modeling * Making knots and braids * Building land-based communities * Random acts of kindness * Making Toys * Loving the clown way * Radical Honesty * Permaculture design * Laugh for no reason * Unconventional relationships * Conscious Parenting *

We cooked, ate and cleaned together. Children bathed in the mud pool and climbed trees without being told not to. We all hugged each other a lot and danced together. We cried and shared our pains. There was an intense conflict that broke out in the middle of the conference, which offered so much for everyone to learn and grow from, and left everyone involved filled with love and compassion. Things were exchanged not transacted. Delicious watermelons were available all day everyday! Herbal teas boiled on firewood stoves. We smiled at each other for no reason and from our hearts. We bathed in the pond. We spoke with passion what we truly believed in, without having to wonder if we might come across as strange or crazy! We celebrated life and living.      

 I went with a full heart and returned with a fuller heart; full of gratitude for those people and events who made it all happen; gratitude for the universe.­

Videos on LSU 2012

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