Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why blog?

I had been meaning to blog for a long time. But could never confidently answer the question “Why blog?” to myself. Is it because I want to show off? Is it because I want people to think I am cool? Is it because I want to feed my ego by letting the world know what ‘I’ am doing? Very uncomfortable questions they were.

Initially, I was being dishonest to myself and kept saying ‘Of course not!’. But the more I connected to myself, the more difficult it became to remain in denial. And with a resolve to not feel guilty or ashamed, I decided to stay with the real answers ‘May be’ or ‘Yes’, soak in them, and see them for what they were.

After a while, what emerged was my true yearning to share with the world, my life journey, my truths as they were evolving, the beauty that I have begun to see in all of life (including the beauty in the dark, the painful and the ugly). It felt like saying “Hey, look there!” pointing at the beautiful interplay of colours of the evening sky. I knew, then, that I had other more important reasons to blog and got started!

I am not as scared to face the truth of my ego, and its attempts to feed itself by ‘proving something to the world’. I don’t deny or resist it. Though it wins over me many times, it is becoming more and more entertaining to sit and watch it play its games. :)


John-Paul said...

I have had the same inhibitions about publishing anything I write, the same suspicions of my own motives. I think the rationale you give dissolves all doubt--everyone should blog who has beauty inside to share.

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