Monday, September 13, 2010

No complaints!

When I felt angry and frustrated that I was not getting enough,
I decided to count my blessings.
But there was so much to be grateful for, I gave up on the counting!
The sun was shining brilliantly on me.
And the grey sky was blessing me with its gentle showers.
And the moon was lighting me up with its soft light.
And flowers were sending their fragrance my way.
And the gentle breeze was whispering love in my ears.
And children and babies were smiling at me with their innocent eyes.
And friends were offering to get me water.
And strangers were lifting my luggage for me.
And my food cupboard was always filled with wholesome, tasty food.
And family was sending their prayers and wishes to me.
And my mosquito net was keeping me protected at nights.
And ….
I stopped and realized it would be a crime to ask for anything more!

1 comment:

raki said...

awesome !! food air and water sunshine are the biggest blessings for us !!