Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome back home!

Believe me please,
this is not a vermicomposting tank.
Just soil taken care of
after just seven months of the cleaning operation.

These thousands of earthworms had been waiting,
god knows where,
like civil war refugees waiting for the mindless war to end,
so they can reenter their homes safely.

Believe me, again,
that I didn't introduce a single earthworm into the soil.
They all knew their way back home.

Wait, did I just talk about my experiment in soil building in my previous blog?
Every time I enter my garden thinking 'I' am going to build soil, I make a fool of myself and can't help bowing down in humility in front of these gentle creatures.
For they are the finest soil builders (with the microorganisms, my eyes cannot yet see) that nature has produced.