It is only recently that I realised that I could call myself a story teller. Yes. Even my only published book in Tamil is titled 'The Story of the Green Revolution'. 

I started writing on my blog to share stories from my own life, as I explore, experiment, struggle, grieve and celebrate. And over time, I started writing stories of people that I met, whose lives, I felt, had important messages to offer the world.  

I deeply believe that our stories don't belong to us. They merely unfold through us. We owe wisdom recognised through them back to the Collective learning. It becomes our contribution to the evolution of consciousness. 

A Close Encounter with Development was the first story I ever wrote. It is my experience of a restoration campaign / project that I was part of through Exnora in the late 90s. A significant phase in my long journey hence. 


Healing with the soil
How gardening healed my depression.

My Garden 'Project'

Learning to let go, embrace and flow

Lessons from the soil

My deschooling journey

The ways of the Universe

How reStore got manifested.

The challenges of conscious mothering

The motherhood retreat

Chumming as a doorway to spiritual renewal - I

Chumming as a doorway to spiritual renewal - II
My experience of menstruation

The Study of Miracles

Lessons from my activist journey

Our journey to Thiruvannamalai and Marudam

Why and how we landed in Tiruvannamalai

Akka Patti's Godliness
About my great grandaunt.

A good friend who discovered and pursued his passions in his 50s.

Eulogy: Friend and Gandhian professor

I believed in Obama, when he had just come to power.

An inspiring ragpicker.

About what I learnt from a security personnel 

My cook for a short period of time

Ananth Narayanan
An unschooled and self-made person

Eulogy: Film maker
Preethi & Srini: Lesson in Grieving
About how they grieved their child's passing on towards healing.

Anand Anna
Eulogy: A karmayogi in Tiruvannamalai

I am blessed to have in my life, so many friends who have undertaken their journey towards healing. Ordinary people like you and me who have struggled through life in disempowering family / work contexts, searched  in various places, found inspiration, found tools for healing and empowerment, connected with their callings, found their paths, and are journeying on them. The delight and freedom that they experience through their journeys is so much that they decided to make their lives about sharing what they are seeing, what they are learning, how they are healing, inviting and working with others who would like to embark on similar journeys. They all love their sacred work of facilitating healing, and come alive doing it. This is a humble effort in putting together a 'Directory on Healing' to be used by individuals and collectives that this invitation speaks to. 


A community in Tiruvannamalai which anchors a school for life skills

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