Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shammi Nanda

Shammi started his journey as a student in the Pune Film Institute. As a film maker, he was making documentaries and conducting film-making workshops. Issues and themes that drew him were 'natural learning', 'natural birthing', etc. He was associated with Shikshantar in Udaipur, which is when I met him some ten years ago. At that time, Shammi was really into healthy eating and natural healing. My introduction to Shammi was in a kitchen, learning to make peanut butter and interesting salad dressings using til, peanut powder and lemon juice!

Attempting to heal from chronic asthma (partly from years of smoking), Shammi had embarked on a journey to heal himself through diet and fasting, phasing out inhalers. Alongside, he was also learning-doing-sharing urban gardening and crafting (coconut shells and seed jewelry, paper mache toys, upcycled lanterns, ...). As this honeymoon phase matured, some of his intimate and promising relationships started facing crises. Shammi felt very pained to see people who really meant well, who were passionate about creating a different world filled with love and care, fight and fall apart. Within himself, he met the 'Self-righteous Critique' who was harshly going around critiquing the world that was 'in a mess', that was 'ignorant', etc. and  not really liking that person!

Just when he was having sleepless nights about why people (including himself) weren't able to speak and listen with love in their hearts, he stumbled upon Marshall Rosenberg's 'Nonviolent Communication’(NVC). Initially, he thought that this was going to be a short detour (to heal himself and his immediate relationships) from his journey which was otherwise going to be about gardens, food and films. Little did he realise what was in store. The more he applied what he learnt in his own life, the deeper he wanted to explore it. He started participating in and co-facilitating as many workshops as he could. He then came across 'Restorative Circles', a process that helps communities and organisations see conflicts as gifts that enable healing and co-evolution. And then 'Sociocracy', a process that helps communities and organisations make decisions distributing power equally. What started as a short detour has now become his main work. "There are many people to grow gardens, prepare food and make films. People and communities wanting to heal the world need to first heal themselves." is what he says. Shammi gets invited by organisations and communities to host the following workshops.

* Compassionate Communication / Nonviolent Communication (NVC): A process to help individuals learn how to speak and listen courageously and compassionately; expressing one's own and listening to others' needs fearlessly.

* Parenting and NVC: A process to help create a healthy partnership with healthy boundaries with our children.

* Restorative Circle: A process to help communities listen to, acknowledge and work with emerging conflicts, so that they can heal together and live more authentically.

* Sociocracy: A process to help organisations make decisions, in a way that everyone's opinion is heard, and in a way that it is not painfully long drawn.

Being a dreamer of a world where certificates and institutions will be replaced by trust and community, Shammi chooses to remain a 'Community Certified Facilitator'. You are free to choose how you want to support Shammi. You can hear the voice of your heart to decide what you want to offer him. He is putting his energy into sharing NVC and other modalities of peace-building and power-sharing with organising systems in our communities. Your contribution will go to further his dreams including creating community  spaces for deepening this work. He offers his learnings in the spirit of gift inviting people to choose ways of offering their support to him in ways that work for them. To know more about some of his dreams and what he wants to do with the money and other gifts that are offered to him see this link here.

Shammi's website is www.courageouscommunication.wordpress.com 

He can be contacted at shamminanda@gmail.com

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