Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kill The Bees

Wow, it's all looking very good!

Let's get in and pretend like we're the ones doing it.
Let's spray pesticides on crops!

Oops. They're finding out unpleasant stuff about what we sell! We're in a mess! 

Ok, let's pretend to care.

Now that there aren't any bees, 
let's start companies to provide 'pollination services'.

Let's write a story book for children saying that it's really not the pesticide, 
but the varroa mite or some such thing.

But hey, we need to sell more neonicotinoid pesticides to answer our shareholders!

What, the US-EPA says it's too bad for the bees? We'll take up the fight with them!

Oops! They're still at it. Fighting us...

... and keep exposing our tactics!

Well, all we'll need to do is to tell the world, 
"We're increasing wealth, increasing the GDP, every step of our way!"

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