Friday, February 12, 2010

How thrilling!

Every time I participate in something of dissonance,
my soul gets whipped.
Every time I participate in something of deep resonance,
the lashes get nursed.

My courage is working hard to keep up with my clarity.
What a thrilling match to watch!


maya seshagiri said...

lizingsa...this is the word i have to type as verification for the above smiley to appear in ur post. How boring!!LOL

Czar said...

Deep philosophy involved I see. I am not sure if I connect to what you are saying here. I wish I could live that exact moment to experience what you went through, because there have been so many times when words could just never match up to what I was feeling.

Either way, I feel that you should watch Invictus.

Sangeetha Sriram said...

Vinay, I just read the synopsis of Invictus. Sounds interesting! But how on earth is it related to my post?