Monday, October 8, 2007

Nature's Nursery

They all came in on their own. Some seeds just fell from the trees nearby. Some of them were brought in by the visitor birds and squirrels. They now need a new home, where they can send out roots that can travel long distances. Where they can be taken care of for a while, before they can fend for themselves. Anyone who has / can find such a home is welcome to simply pick them up from my house in Mandaiveli at 7/4, Chandrasekaran Street (near Devanathan St.). If you can bring some good soil with you for exchange, that would be great! Either email me, or call 45534209 and speak to my parents. They should help you.

I have around five to twenty saplings of each variety.
Curry Leaves
(Kariveppilai )
(Pithecellobium dulce)
Country Fig (Athi)

(Solanum torvum)

Aru Nellikkai (Variety of gooseberry)
Mango (don't know variety)
Papaya (don't know male/female)

Guava (red)
Citrus plants (don't know variety)

Pomogranate (Maathulai) don't know whether flowering or fruiting variety

Yaanai Kundrimani

Rain tree (
Thoongu moonji)
Neem (Vembu)
Custard Apple
Pipal Tree
(Arasa Maram)

Medicinal plants
Thiruneetru Pachilai
Malabar Spinach Creeper (Pasalai Kodi)

I will regularly update this list


Naveen said...

hello mam,

thank you for wonderful gesture. the world needs more such people like you. please keep your list updated regularly. would like to borrow some saplings someday.

thank you and good wishes.

abhirami said...


just caught up with all your posts. i'm moved beyond words. a green-thumbs-up to your efforts my dear !!!

btw, do check out this blog if you already haven't :

cheers always,