Friday, October 12, 2007

"Given to"

The all-consuming theme of my life over the past few days has been 'compassion'. How do I communicate (speak and listen) with my heart, rather than with my mind? This spurred off from a discussion I have been part of on 'non-violent confrontation' with respect to social movements on issues of human rights.

There have been several related questions I have been pondering on. How do I give with compassion? How do I receive with compassion? The following poem from the book 'Non-violent Communication: A Language of Life' I am currently reading touched me very deeply.

I never feel more given to
than when you take from me -
when you understand the joy I feel
giving to you.

And you know my giving isn't done

to put you in my debt,
but because I want to live the love
I feel for you.

To receive with grace

may be the greatest giving.
There's no way I can separate
the two.

When you give to me,

I give you my receiving.
When you take from me, I feel so
given to.

- Song "Given to" (1978) by Ruth Bebermeyer from the album 'Given to'

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